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All about Honey & Hive!

Honey & Hive is a cutting- edge fashion boutique, owned by best friends, Erin Harrell and Tracy Dean.  Before opening Honey & Hive, these young entrepreneurs attained degrees in Marketing and Education . Erin's in Marketing and Elementary Education and Tracy's in Elementary Education.  While they worked in their trained fields for a short time, they both had a passion for color, style, and clothing which would eventually lead them to opening Honey & Hive.

Both women were stay-at-home moms following college but dreamed of owning their own business, a boutique where women would feel comfortable shopping. A place where they didn’t have to worry about what they were wearing when they walked in the store. They envisioned a place where a customer would feel like she was in her best friends closet. A place where they could always count on a friendly face and an honest opinion.

The boutique first opened in 2013 in the downtown area of Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  The Honey & Hive brand was fresh and people quickly caught on.  The store has been a booming success ever since. Today the boutique stays true to Erin and Tracy's original vision, carrying fabulous clothes surrounded by a warm, fun atmosphere. Erin and Tracy are excited to be able to offer their amazing sense of style to you anytime day or night via www.shophoneyandhive.com online store!

Erin and Tracy love what they do and make a point to have fun doing it. Whether you’re searching for that perfect pair of jeans or a dress for an upcoming event, the staff at Honey & Hive will make the experience fun and undoubtedly productive. There are always new styles weekly to choose from so be sure to check the store and the site often.